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Posted on May 22, 2024
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Status:  Full Time

Shift:     40 hrs/ week salaried

Exempt: Yes 



Direct care of collegiate athletes on playing field/court during practice and/or game situations.Performs evaluations and formulates treatment plans for injured athletes.Coordinates organized schedules for subordinates for coverage of all sports.Maintains necessary clerical duties in the sports clinic in addition to charts and computer files.Conducts athletic enhancement programs.



1.Specialized or Technical Education Required:

Graduate of an accredited athletic training program. State licensure from LSBME required with NATA preferred.

2.Manual or Physical Skill Required:

Body mechanics.

Working knowledge of proper equipment used for ATC treatments.

3.Physical Effort Required:

Intermittent exertion in positioning, lifting, transferring patients, equipment or other materials.Total body lifts onto a stretcher of injured athletes.Walking and standing predominant although intermittent running required sometimes with emergencies.

Athletic Trainer is classified as D.O.T. 153.224-010 with a physical demand level of Medium.





1.Complexity and Difficulty of Work:

Ability to perform all ATC functions in a competent and professional manner.

2.Seriousness of Errors:

Client injury; personal injury due to poor body mechanics and improper infection control procedures.



May sustain muscle strains from lifting, stooping or running; may slip and fall on wet surfaces.May be exposed to blood-borne pathogens during care of injured athlete. May sustain direct injury during contact sport coverage.

2.Adverse Working Conditions:

Chances of inclement conditions on outdoor events.Extremes of heat and cold according to region.


1.Contacts with Customers, the General Public or Other Companies:

Communicates with other disciplines and departments concerning needs of ATC's.Communicates with coaches, patients, parents, physicians and other hospital personnel.

2.Contacts with Other Departments:

Communicates with other disciplines and departments concerning needs of ATC's.


1.Responsibility for the Safety of Others:

Must be aware of hazardous situations and take appropriate action to correct the

problem.Report to appropriate authority per hospital policy.

2.Responsibility for Company Funds or Property:

Keeps appropriate records of patient treatment rendered.Monitors removal and return of equipment from the clinic.

3.Responsibility for Confidential Information:

All client information is confidential.Client information shall be given only to personnel directly involved in the patient's care.

4.Responsibility for Performance of Work Without Immediate Supervisor: Independent.

5.Responsibility for the Supervision of Others:

Is responsible for immediate daily activities of graduate assistant ATC's in coordination with HPPB Coordinator.

F. Other Requirements:

1.Certification in CPR/AED/First Aid

2.Must provide copies of all certification documents

3.Must possess a valid driver’s license and the ability to complete the SLU Driver SafetyProgram




1.Provide athletic trainer services in the collegiate setting.May evaluate on-field injuries, record data and formulate plans as outlined by ATC practice act.

2.Demonstrate an understanding of emergency care and critical injuries sustained during athletic events, and

3.Administer and assist in, but not limited to, such treatments as exercises, gait training, massage, whirlpool, hot packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice packs, traction, wound care, bracing, taping and splinting.

4.Demonstrates knowledge of the diagnosis, precautions, and contraindications associated with all the aspects of patient care.

5.Coordinates with physical and/or occupational therapist and physicians on any changes in care plan based on assessment of patient status, patient progression/regression towards achieving goals, response to treatment and changes in patient status.

6.Instruct student-athlete in procedures or activities based on plan of care per physician orders.

7.Determine appropriate discharge time from treatment in conjunction with physician assessment.

8.Determine readiness of athlete to return to play through functional testing.

9.Prepares any written documentation required by department.

10.Communicate observations, facts, and comments with interdisciplinary team members individually and through team meeting presentations.

11.Coordinate client care and event coverage with fellow ATC's under direction of supervisor.

12.Provide the care and maintenance of department equipment and supplies.

13.Maintains appointment books, logs, charge cards/records and schedules as necessary for the daily operations of the sports clinic/training room.

14.Maintains and distributes appropriate supplies including linens, bandages, cleaning supplies and assistive devices.

15.Maintains cleanliness of department, treatment areas and equipment.

16.Performs clerical duties such as answering telephones, maintaining insurance records for student-athletes, assist in claim preparation/submission and other related duties as directed by supervisor.Validate insurance coverage, primary and secondary, for all student-athletes on active rosters in all sports

17.Maintains open communication lines with coaches, Athletic Director, Medical Director, Sports Medicine Clinical supervisor about progress of athlete under care of the Sports Medicine Program.

18.Contact appropriate physicians to attain orders for injured athletes as directed by supervisor.

19.Complies with department policies, procedures, objectives, safety, environmental, infection control and quality assurance programs.

20.Participates in educational programs, in-service meetings and attends other meetings that are required.

21.Performs other duties as directed by supervisor in reference to sports medicine and coverage of collegiate student athletes.

22.Communicates at an appropriate level necessary for interaction with all personnel along the continuum.

23.Assist in the coordination and preparation of physicals for all incoming and existing student athletes, which includes signage, communication with coaches, supplies and assistance with finding volunteers.

24.Coordinates the yearly meeting for coaches for the purpose of briefing them on the any new information concerning the program and preparation for the upcoming season.

25.Assist yearly in-services to graduate assistants for emergency care and packaging of spinal cord injured athletes.

26Provides ATC coverage for special NOHS events decided upon by supervisor and be familiar with emergency action plans for each athletic venue.

27.Follow North Oaks Health System’s Compliance Program and Federal and State Regulatory guidelines.

28.Abide by all written policies and procedures of Southeastern, the Department of Athletics, the NCAA and all applicable conferences or associations.

29. Familiarize student-athletes with the Southeastern Louisiana University Athletic Department Drug Testing program

30.Provide education and counseling in health related matters top the student-athletes and coaches, as well as directing student-athletes and coaches to the appropriate professionals in order to receive consultation for social and/or personal programs forapplicable topics

31. Participate in and support all of North Oaks sports medicine programs, including but not limited to high school athletic training activities, education, physicals and marketing, as may be needed or assigned.