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Posted on March 24, 2024
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Status:  Full Time

Shift:     M-F 8hr/day with call

Exempt: No 

Performs nursing duties associated with the operation of the Cath Lab. Provides direct patient care, evaluates outcomes, consults with other health team members as required and adjusts nursing care processes as indicated to ensure optimal patient care. Reports to the Cath Lab Manager. 

Other information:
1. Minimum 2 years of nursing experience in a hospital setting preferred2. Specialized or Technical Education Required:Graduate of an accredited school of nursing andCurrently RN licensure in the state of practiceCurrent BCLS certificationCurrent ACLS certificationEKG, basic telemetry monitoring3. Manual or Physical Skill Required:Use of proper body mechanics during patient care-positioning, turning, lifting, transporting patientsLong periods of standing with lead apronIV skills4. Physical Effort Required/Physical Demands:Assisting patientsStrength: MediumPush: Frequently Pull: FrequentlyCarry: Frequently Lift: Frequently Sit: OccasionallyStand: Constantly Walk: Constantly

Follows North Oaks Health System’s compliance programs and all federal and state regulatory guidelines.A. EXPECTATIONS:1. Ability to identify those who receive services and/or products within the workenvironment, including patients, families, visitors, other departments, and all others. Ability to anticipate and meet the needs and expectations of customers. promotes the customer service standards of COURTESY, ATTITUDE, RESPECT AND ENTHUSIASM.2. Function according to the professional code of ethics and standards of practice.3. Maintains confidentiality of patient and hospital information.4. Perform all duties as directed by the Cath Lab Manager, Peri-Op Director and VP Surgical Services.5. Can professionally speak and listen to information. Can express self clearly (written and oral communication) in a professional manner.6. Ability to identify and use appropriate information routes.7. Participate in education programs, in-service meetings, and attend other meeting as required. Share newly acquired knowledge with other staff members, and incorporates newly acquired knowledge to patient care as appropriate.8. Act as liaison with nursing, medical staff, and other hospital personnel to facilitate problem solving and coordination of services and act as an educational resource.9. Confer as necessary with physician concerning patient care.10. Consider age specific needs when communicating with patient/family.11. Ability to get along with others in a courteous professional manner.12. Ability to work effectively with others to solve problems, implements group decisions and achieves group/organization goals.13. Work as a team player with the patient as the focus.14. Functions productively, responsibly and exhibits adaptability with the team. Positively demonstrates VALUES of North Oaks Health System. Plans and prioritizes work while maintaining positive performance.15. Each person is responsible for his/her actions, and individually accountable for satisfied patients/customers.16. Comply with:· HHC department policies, procedures and objectives including but not limited to safety, environment, and infection control and CQI programs.· North Oaks Health System policies.· North Oaks Health System Legal Compliance Program and all Federal and State Regulatory Guidelines.· Ethics guidelines and Code of Conduct.· Patient Rights and Responsibilities. Provides care consistent with these standards.· HIPPA guidelines.· North Oaks Health System mission to provide quality, personalized health care services in a caring efficient and financially responsible manner, and to work in harmony with physicians, area hospitals, businesses and community organizations.17. Successfully complete yearly competency labs.18. Adhere to NOMC and HHC dress code.B. SPECIFIC DUTIES:1. The Cath Lab RN is responsible and accountable for assessment and documentation of patient care during the pre-procedure, procedure, and post-procedure period.· Demonstrate accurate documentation following guidelines of the HHC Cath Lab Documentation Standards policy.· Demonstrate appropriate assessment skills following the HHC Assessment of the Cath Lab Patient policy.2. The Cath Lab RN will provide quality patient care pre-procedure,procedure and post-procedure.3. The Cath Lab RN will provide education regarding Cath Labprocedures to patient/family.4. The Cath Lab RN will administer conscious sedation according tohospital policy and under the direction of the physician.5. The Cath Lab RN will have knowledge, skills, and ability necessaryto manage and monitor patients receiving conscious sedation.6. The Cath Lab RN must have a working knowledge of all hemodynamicmonitors, devices, and equipment used for Cath Lab procedures.7. The Cath Lab RN must be familiar with and have a good workingknowledge of all vascular diagnostic procedures, vascular interventional procedures, and non-vascular interventional therapeutic procedures.8. The Cath Lab RN is responsible for supervision and safety of patientswhile in the Cath Lab suites.9. The Cath lab RN is responsible for radiation safety standards in the workenvironment. (Film Badge, distance from eye of radiation source, proper lead apron, and thyroid shield).10. The Cath Lab RN maintains necessary inventory of supplies forCath Lab Suites and Patient Care Areas, rotating stock in an orderly fashion, and eliminating outdated items.11. The Cath Lab RN will utilize the 5 rights of medication delivery at all times.12. The Cath Lab RN will utilize the Pyxis Anesthesia Cart systemresponsibility and account for narcotics according to hospital policy.13. The Cath Lab RN will have knowledge of commonly used drugs in theCath Lab area: Indication, Route, Usual dosage, Reference location, and nursing implications.14. The Cath Lab RN will perform emergency cardiac care measuresincluding defibrillation, initiation and maintenance of intravenous fluids, giving emergency medications and administering cardiopulmonary restrictions and/or advanced cardiac life support measures.15. The Cath Lab RN will be able to identify arrhythmias and takeappropriate action.16. The Cath Lab RN is responsible for daily check of emergency crash carts,defibrillators, Intra-aortic Balloon Pumps, and Temp. pacemaker.17. The Cath Lab RN will be schedule for call with rotating weekends and holidays.C. ANTICOAGUALTION MANAGEMENT CLINIC RN DUTIES:1. Communicate with the AMC Medical Director and the patient’s referring physician. Discuss any concerns, including changes in status with the Medical Director and referring physician.2. Documentation of each patient contact in the electronic medical record (EPIC).3. Distribute all documentation regarding patient’s visit and maintain in the EMR.4. Follow AMC policy for assessment guidelines.5. Knowledge of the normal physiological process of homeostasis and thrombosis and the etiology, risk factors and clinical manifestations of pathologic thrombus formation.6. Knowledge of the pharmacological properties of antithrombotic drugs.7. Knowledge, skills and ability necessary to manage and monitor patients receiving antithrombotic therapies. This includes assessment of efficacy and potential toxicity, achievement of therapeutic goals and evaluation of patient-related-variables that affect therapy management.8. Ability to describe the expected impact of and identify the medications, disease states, dietary and lifestyle changes that alter anticoagulation therapy.9. Skills to identify; triage or manage other medical problems through the appropriate health care provider.10. Ability to interpret INR and related laboratory values and adjust warfarin/Coumadin dose accordingly.11. Perform venipuncture for INR testing.12. Interpret INR results for dose adjustment, if necessary, and scheduling future visits. Dosage adjustment will follow established protocol guidelines.13. Triage for complications of anticoagulation or other clinical problems, and appropriate tests, consultation, and referrals made for any problems encountered. Assess for bleeding (gingival bleeding, epistaxis, ecchymoses, hematuria, melena, blood per rectum, etc.) and thromboembolic complications (SOB, pain/swelling of extremity, numbness, tingling, headache, etc.). Assess for signs and symptoms of drug intolerance (nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, rash, skin necrosis, etc.).14. Responsible for following the Patient Inclusion/Exclusion protocol.15. Responsible for following the eligibility criteria for admission into the AMC.16. Facilitate continuity of care for patients during brief interruptions to therapy.17. Provide in-depth patient/family education on anticoagulation therapy.18. Choose appropriate learning based on patient age and learning barriers.19. Document education appropriately per protocol.C. EDUCATION AND STAFF DEVELOPMENT:1. Trains new and current employees, students, and/or volunteers by discussion and demonstration.2. Participates in projects and assists in the development and implementation of procedures and policies.3. Financial Responsibility: Each person is individually accountable for his/herpart in the overall financial well being of the Medical Center.4. Accountability:· Attendance· Punctuality· Complies with wearing of Hospital Identification badge· Appropriate use of breaks and mealtimes· Attends staff meetings· Organizational and Departmental Regulator Compliance (OSHA, JCAHO, HCFA, OIG, etc….)· Policies and Procedures· Competencies· Work area cleanliness· Maintains Licensure· Complies with Infection Control