North Oaks Health System   Hammond, LA   Full-time     Nursing
Posted on August 4, 2022
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Status:  Full Time

Shift:     Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Exempt: No 


The Registered Nurse is a member of the health care team and is responsible for providing quality nursing care utilizing North Oaks Health System standards of care. The RN provides direct nursing care to adult, pediatric, and geriatric patients and adjusts methods appropriately to accommodate the needs specific to each age group. The RN will uphold the Philosophy and Objectives of NOHS and will utilize effective communication between nursing personnel, providers, other hospital departments, patients, and families. Serves on committees as requested by Clinic Manager. Responsible for patient care limited to guidelines established by the LSBN.


Other information:


A. Experience, Knowledge and Skill

1. Previous Experience Required:

1-3 year’s previous RN experience preferred, preferably in a clinic setting.

1 year oncology experience

Oncology certification preferred (OCN)

2. Specialized or Technical Education Required:

Must be a graduate of an accredited nursing school, and be currently licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing and maintain licensure. Membership in an RN organization is encouraged.

3. Manual or Physical Skill Required:

Must possess good physical health.

4. Physical Effort Required:

Strength: Medium Push: Occasionally Pull: Occasionally

Carry: Frequently Lift: Occasionally Sit: Occasionally

Stand: Frequently Walk: Frequently

B. Work Complexities

1. Complexity and Difficulty of Work:

Must be able to perform nursing services, treatments, diagnostic and preventative measures which require substantial specialized skills. Must be able to work efficiently in an environment with a high level of professional contact. Must have the maturity necessary for establishing and maintaining a good work relationship with patients, families, providers, and other staffing personnel.

2. Seriousness of Errors:

Errors in performance of patient care procedures could result in serious consequences to patient well-being and safety. Failure to report unusual physical and emotional patient problems immediately could result in serious harm to patient well-being.

Failure to properly perform quality control functions, report equipment malfunctions, properly and promptly perform expiration date inspections on equipment and medications could result in the performance of inferior health care consequently compromising the well-being of the patient.

C. Working Conditions

1. Hazards:

Probability of high level of contact with blood and body secretions. Must have thorough knowledge of infection control procedures and Universal Precautions and apply this knowledge in the course of job performance.

2. Adverse Working Conditions:

Must possess the ability to handle the stress associated with meeting deadlines. Must have the ability to concentrate on specific details of the job in spite of distractions. Should be detail oriented.

D. Contacts

1. Contacts with Customers, the General Public or Other Companies:

Extensive contact with patients, patient families, other provider’s offices, home health agencies, rehabilitation agencies, and laboratories.

2. Contacts with Other Departments:

Frequent contact with other hospital departments.

E. Responsibilities:

1. Responsibility for the safety of others:

Follow all hospital/clinic policies and procedures.

2. Responsibility for Company Funds or Property:

Maintain equipment in a conscientious manner thereby ensuring that all equipment is in proper working order.

3. Responsibility for Confidential Information:

Safeguard and preserve confidentiality of medical records at all times.

4. Responsibility for Performance of Work without immediate supervision:

Must be highly motivated self-starter able to work independently without constant, direct supervision. Must be able to function productively as part of the overall clinic health team. Deadlines must be met without delay. Seek assistance from clinic leadership if needed.

5. Responsibility for the Supervision of Others:




1. Ensure the maintenance of quality patient care.

A. The RN will greet patients presenting to the office in a courteous and friendly manner.

B. The RN will call patients from the waiting area in the order their chart becomes available. The RN will obtain and record patient’s weight, height and vitals and escort patient to examination room and continue preparing the patient for the provider encounter. Documentation will be completed in EHR according to policy.

C. The RN will and record medications the patient is currently taking and chief complaint(s) in the patient’s medical record. Responsible for Pain Assessment. Reassess and document as directed. Responsible for patient education and documentation.

D. Administer medications in a safe, effective manner according to scope of practice and per policy.

E. Perform phlebotomy as ordered by provider and according to policy. Perform EKG testing, respiratory testing and other ancillary duties as required and per policy. Assist providers with exams, procedures, and treatments as specified.

F. Assist with aseptic and sterile dressing application.

G. Prepares instruments and sends to Sterile Services Department for sterilization per policy.

H. Assist with the collection and preparation for transport of patient specimens in accordance with Universal Precaution Policy, clinic and laboratory requirements.

I. Assist with cleaning the patient treatment area after the patient visit is completed.

J. Perform daily quality control and clinic checklist functions as assigned.

K. Attention to patient’s/significant other’s psychosocial needs by appropriate social interaction.


L. Call in medication refills and return calls in response to patient’s messages as directed by a provider.

M. Schedule hospital tests as directed by a provider. Assist with obtaining proper pre-authorization as required.

N. Call patients regarding test results as directed by a provider.

2. Adhere to policy and procedure.

A. Follows North Oaks Health System’s Compliance Program and Federal and State Regulatory guidelines.

B. Consistently attend staff meetings.

C. Adhere to acceptable dress code.

D. Report all incidents and injuries. Report to management as indicated.

E. Report all medication errors.

F. Comply with attendance policy.

G. Knowledgeable of health system safety codes.

H. Report unsafe conditions.

I. Provide clean environment.

J. Account for medication. Medication counts as required. Label all multi-dose medications per policy.

3. Assist in operational functions.

A. Assist clinic leadership in maintenance of policies and procedures as designated.

B. Assist in maintaining inventory. Check for expired items on a monthly basis. Notify manager when numbers are low and need to be replaced. Clean and stock exam rooms as needed.

4. Maintain satisfactory communications.

A. Communicate effectively by expressing ideas clearly, actively listening and always following appropriate channel of communication. Demonstrate responsiveness to others ensuring a complete follow up on matters requiring additional attention.

B. Promote satisfactory relationships. Communicate with patients, visitors, staff, and providers in a courteous and professional manner.

C. Coordinate referrals, hospital procedure testing, and admissions with appropriate personnel as required. Assist with office duties including answering calls, pulling charts, filing, audits, etc.

5. Participate in professional development activities.

A. Attend committee meetings as designated by clinic leadership.

B. Attend in-service programs.

C. Participate in staff development, including student externships.

6. Perform other duties as directed.