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Posted on March 25, 2024
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Status: Full Time

Shift: Day shift. Hours may vary.

Exempt: No



In cooperation with the Clinical Lab Manager ensures the effective and efficient operation of the Laboratory by supervising and coordinating the people and processes for: Clinical Laboratory and Customer Support. Supervises the operations of all Laboratory departments. Oversees the Laboratory’s safety program as its Safety Officer.

Other information:

Experience, Knowledge and Skill

A. Previous Experience Required:

· Thorough knowledge of clinical laboratory operations

· Minimum of 5 years of high-complexity testing experience required.

· 2 years of leadership experience preferred.

· Ability to function independently and as a member of a team; motivate people to achieve excellence; work with multiple leadership and staffing levels to achieve management goals.

· Effective verbal and written communication skills and the ability to present information clearly and professionally to varying levels of individuals throughout the patient care process.

· Ability to train personnel on performance standards and practices.

· Customer-focused service skills

· Ability to organize, prioritize, and problem-solve.

· Ability to use good judgment and decision-making and respond calmly and effectively in stressful situations.

· Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote)

B. Specialized or Technical Education Required:

· Bachelor’s degree from an accredited program in medical laboratory science required

· Must be currently licensed in Louisiana as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Required to maintain licensure throughout term of employment.

· Certified as CLS(ASCP) or MT(ASCP) or equivalent.

· Meets current minimum General Supervisor personnel requirements for high-

complexity testing in compliance with CLIA federal regulations Section 493-Subpart M

.C. Manual or Physical Skill Required:

· For insurance purposes, must be 25 years of age or older for driving North Oaks Health System's vehicles.

· Physical Effort Required/Physical Demands:

Strength: Light

Push: Occasionally

Pull: Occasionally

Carry: Occasionally

Lift: Occasionally

Sit: Frequently

Stand: Occasionally

Walk: Occasionally:

Work Complexities

A. Complexity and Difficulty of Work:

The successful candidate must be able to handle multiple projects, determine task priorities and self-direct their work and that of those they oversee. Time management skills are also required. Position involves independent critical thinking skills and initiative in problem identification and resolution.

B. Seriousness of Errors

When involved in any activity that directly affects patient care, errors cannot be tolerated. All other activities require attention to detail and a focus that minimizes errors or development of processes that eliminate error potential.

Working Conditions

A. Hazards:

      • Potential for exposure to hazardous chemicals including carcinogens [All working reagents containing hazardous materials are listed in detail in the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) manual. The incumbent is responsible for a working knowledge of this information.]
      • Potential for exposure to biohazardous materials
      • May be exposed to low levels of radiation including laser light and electrical hazards

      B. Adverse Working Conditions:

      • High stress position
      • Potential for prolonged periods of standing and walking.
      • Contacts

      A. Contacts with Customers, the General Public or Other Companies

      Projects a professional image through excellent interpersonal skills and courteous communication with vendors, other medical and non-medical personnel, patients, and family.

      B. Contacts with Other Departments

      Projects a professional image through excellent interpersonal skills and courteous communication with health system colleagues. Coordinates activities with nursing/medical staff on issues which impact laboratory services.



    1. Supervises the activities, work assignments, and schedules for Lead Scientists, Clinical Laboratory Scientists I/II, Medical Lab Technicians I/II, Certified Histotechnologists, Certified Lab Assistants, Lab Assistants, and Customer Support.
    2. Document call ins and send out communication to lab leadership. Make schedule adjustments and call-in additional staff if needed.
    3. Assess volume and arrange for appropriate coverage for breaks and lunch breaks.
    4. Ensure adequate staff are scheduled to provide services efficiently including staff flexing according to volume demands.
    5. Investigate, monitor and follow-up on section/department related inquiries/complaints as required or assigned.
    6. Assist with recruitment, selection, training/orientation, competency assessment, assignment, guidance, and supervision of all assigned staff.
    7. In accordance with organization policies, monitor, review, and document the performance of assigned employees. Conduct in-service education for staff as needed.Supervise employee growth and development through coaching, counseling, and corrective actions.
    8. Ensure employee orientation records, annual competency and continuing education records are compliant with all applicable accreditation/certification standards and regulations.
    9. Document and provide feedback on employee performance to the Clinical Lab Manager.
    10. Maintain comprehensive knowledge of organization and department policies and procedures. Promote consistent interpretation and compliance. Update employees regarding changes on a timely basis.
    11. Remain knowledgeable on current federal, state, and local laws, accreditation standards (e.g., CAP and Joint Commission), and regulatory agency requirements (e.g., OSHA) for the assigned areas of responsibility. Collaborates with the Clinical Lab Manager to ensure assigned Laboratory sections are in continuous readiness and consistently compliant with requirements.
    12. Ensure section facilities and equipment are maintained in a condition that promotes efficiency, health, comfort and safety of patients and staff.
    13. Submit requisitions for purchase of equipment and supplies within specified guidelines.
    14. Plan for use of space, purchases of new/replacement equipment, and use of outside services. Assist in the justification and evaluation of equipment and supplies ensuring adherence to budget constraints.
    15. Manages supply inventory processes and purchases in all areas of the lab.
    16. Plan, develop, implement, and oversee section-specific strategies, workflows, and improvement tactics to effectively provide high quality services while efficiently using resources.
    17. Plans and oversees the processes for new hire orientation, provider orientation, nursing orientation, skills fairs, and recruitment events.
    18. Works with Marketing and Business Development to maintain accurate resources (e.g. test guides, pamphlets, online test menus, order requisitions, etc.) Acts as a liaison for 3rdparty clients for education and business reviews.
    19. Collaborates with the LIS Specialist and Section Supervisors to maintain the laboratory computer downtime plan.
    20. Identifies quality trends and conducts laboratory intensive analysis as needed.
    21. Maintains laboratory hurricane preparedness and essential staffing plan.
    22. Maintains laboratory change control process.
    23. Maintains the laboratory disaster plan and supplies.
    24. Maintains the laboratory safety manual and promote a highly reliable and accountable safety culture.
      1. Monitor compliance with laboratory infection control policies and standards.
      2. Responsible for safety walk-throughs of the laboratory and responding to identified issues to ensure resolution.
      3. Monitor maintenance for all biological/chemical hoods.
      4. Monitor and respond to product recalls.
      5. Ensure adequate supplies of laboratory coats and all required PPE.
      6. Ensure SDS manuals/database and chemical inventory are maintained to be current.
    25. Determine needs, identify costs, and develop justification as part of providing input to developing operating and capital budgets for assigned areas.
    26. Conduct final review of payroll for personnel in the assigned Laboratory sections.
    27. Monitor and ensure completion of actions determined for response, resolution, and/or mitigation of complaints, incidents, accidents and/or occurrence reports.
    28. Act as liaison between staff and department management team, hospital administration and medical staff as needed to promote efficient operations that meet their service needs.
    29. Distribute all pertinent information to staff as received from laboratory management and other hospital departments.
    30. Maintain appropriate working knowledge of hospital/department software and other digital systems.
    31. Attend and participate in meetings (administrative, departmental, in-service, etc.) as necessary. Represent the department at conferences and working committees as directed.

    32. Maintain professional growth and development through literature, seminars, conferences, and professional affiliations.

    33. Assist in all aspects of emergency response. May be required to work other shifts, weekends and holidays as assigned.

    1. Follows North Oaks Health System’s Compliance Programs and Federal and State Regulatory guidelines.

    35. Perform other duties as required or requested by the Director or designee.