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Posted on June 12, 2022
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Status:  Full Time

Shift:     Days Varies

Exempt: No 

The Patient Access Trainer is responsible for training all staff in all departments who perform patient access functions. This includes Epic training, compliance training*, education of policies and procedures, identification of staff errors, review of staff errors with individual employees, all aspect of collections and any other function that is within the scope of patient access. The trainer will also work directly with Patient Access Management and Patient Access Analyst to develop training modules for computer based learning and classroom learning. The trainer will teach Patient Access courses to staff. The trainer will assist in entry level and annual competency assessment of staff that perform patient access functions. The trainer will be assigned as needed to perform duties of scheduling, insurance verification, and registration and will float to all areas of patient access to maintain proficiency in patient access operations.The Patient Access Trainer assists the Patient Access Analyst in the management of Patient Access EPIC WQ’s to resolve account issues negatively impacting patient registration and payment information while identifying staff education needs based on assessment of account issues.*Compliance pertains to company compliance, payer rules and regulations, state and federal laws and any other rule or regulation that impacts patient access.The Patient Access Trainer provides excellent customer service while training staff and during the patient access/intake process according to established hospital procedures.The Patient Access Trainer executes patient access through the continuum of the revenue cycle that supports efficiency, cost reduction and service improvement.The Patient Access Trainer understands that Patient Access services consist of the patient’s pre-encounter, encounter and discharge, which includes accurate and efficient patient scheduling, registration, insurance verification and collections that is in compliance with payer and facility rules and regulations. 

Other information:
1. Education Required: High School Diploma; previous experience in healthcare required; at least one year in admissions, collections, or other related healthcare field. College degree can be substituted for experience. Must complete medical terminology course within first year, unless previously completed. Prefer Certified Healthcare Access Associate (CHAA)2. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Medical Terminology desired; ability to communicate over the telephone; excellent customer service skills. Must be able to interpret complex documents related to insurance benefits. Must be able to read and understand physician’s orders.3. Intermediate computer skills required; ability to operate a computer using Word, Excel, and email, fax machines, printers, and copiers.4. Physical Skill Required: Must have considerable hand-eye coordination to operate a computer. Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time. Must be able to bend or squat to patient’s level. Must be able to lift and carry supplies to department and to equipment (example: reams of paper to copiers/fax machines).5. Must be polite and able to promote positive public relations with co-workers, patients and any other persons.Strength: LightPush: FrequentlyPull: OccasionallyCarry: OccasionallyLift: OccasionallySit: ConstantlyStand: OccasionallyWalk: Constantly

' REGISTRATION, SCHEDULING, INSURANCE VERIFICATIONA. Trains staff on authentication of order from physician.B. Trains staff to contact patients by phone as needed to pre-register patients.C. Trains staff to Pre-register patients for scheduled procedures.D. Trains staff to “Arrive”/”Check-in” pre-registered patients to their service location.E. Trains staff to registers walk-in patients with orders for tests or procedures.F. Trains staff to complete the patient’s registration from the reservation created by bed control staff or case manager and, if not noted in the reservation, obtains bed assignment from case management or unit charge nurse (IP or OVP only).G. Trains staff to verify all insurances and obtains appropriate referrals.H. Trains staff to utilize the facility’s required patient identifiers to identify the patient, prepares and attaches the patient’s armband to the patient. Stresses to staff they must always verify patient data before attaching patient armband.I. Educates on the importance of verifying that all patient data is correct.J. Educates on respectfully gathering accurate demographic, insurance and all other required information contained in the administrative and medical record.K. Trains staff to scan documents in the electronic medical record (EMR) or, makes copies during down time to scan at a later time, the patient’s driver’s license, insurance card(s) for verification purposes and financial review.L. Trains staff on the administration of the Conditions of Treatment Form.M. Trains staff on the administration of regulated documents including, but not limited to::o Notice of Privacy Practices and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)*,Advance Directives (living will and durable power of attorney for health care) in accordance with Federal, State, and TJC requirements*,Patient Rights****,Important Message from Medicare (IM)**,Medicare Secondary Payer (MSPQ)***,Any other payer or facility required forms or documents****.N. Billing Disclosure FormTrains staff to document all pertinent activity related to the patient’s registration in the registration notes.O. Trains staff to run Real Time Eligibility (RTE) at the time of registration, verifying coverage and benefits. Trains staff on reading and understanding the RTE.P. Trains staff on choosing the correct insurance plan in the correct order based on the information provided by the patient and/or significant other.Q. Maintains knowledge regarding payer’s rules and regulations. Educates staff when information has changed or has been updated.R. Teaches staff to interpret the answers to questions asked during registration in order to determine correct payer.S. Trains staff on understanding the urgency in quickly and accurately registering patients in order to begin patient care.T. Trains staff on how to determine the correct admission source and admission type for the patient’s visit.U. Trains staff to input the appropriate diagnosis code based on the diagnosis given by the patient’s physician and checks medical necessity and secures medical justification when required.V. Trains staff on where to obtain estimated charges on private pay patients and how to provide this information to patients.W. Trains staff on completing and updating the Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire (MSPQ) on all Medicare patients.X. Trains staff on entering the correct payer as primary or secondary by interpreting the MSPQ accurately.Y. Trains staff on transcribing patient orders received from physicians, with the exception of lab orders.Z. Trains staff on how to place procedures including, but not limited to Diagnostics, OP Rehabilitation, OP Infusion, and any other OP clinics as required on the schedule of the correct discipline and test/procedure order.AA. Trains staff on running Medical Necessity on Medicare and Medicare replacement plans on scheduled and unscheduled patients.BB. Trains staff on the estimate of outpatient charges, collecting payments, print receipts and documenting transactions, and completing deposit documentation.CUSTOMER SERVICE – Follows and trains staff on the following:A. Provides assistance, guidance, and directions to visitors, patients, employees, vendors and physicians.B. Secures escort or directs patient to the appropriate service area.C. Ensures that patients are in the appropriate area for registration, directing patients needing to go to other areas with instructions.D. Maintains competency in Service Recovery utilizing AAA (refer to polies and procedures).1. A – Acknowledge2. A – Apologize3. A – AmendE. Maintains personal appearance following the department and facility’s dress code.F. Maintains the appearance of the waiting/lobby area. Calls housekeeping when necessary.G. Utilizes the 4 Cs in all interactions (refer to policy)COMMUNICATIONS – Follows and trains staff on the following:A. Establishes effective relationships with co-workers in own department as well as other departments.B. Assists other and shows willingness to work as a team player.C. Performs appropriately in difficult situations by remaining calm, notifying appropriate personnel and initiating appropriate action.D. Responds to inquiries from patients, relatives, physicians, insurance companies and the general public quickly and efficiently by actively listening and taking appropriate action.E. Discusses problems and/or confidential information only in appropriate setting and only with appropriate personnel. Keeps any confidential documents secure and out of the public view.F. Maintains par level of supplies and communicates to immediate supervisor when supplies are needed.G. Ensures all equipment is functional and ready for service, including paper levels in copiers, printers, and fax machines.H. When identified, removes and labels broken equipment or furniture from patient and visitor areas. Immediately notifies the appropriate department to remove item and/or fix broken item.I. Calls for all other service repairs as need is identified.COLLECTIONS – Follows and trains staff on the following:A. Collecting co-payments, deductible, co-insurance, and private payments from patients in accordance with collection rules and regulations.B. Trains staff on Cash Drawer and Daily Deposit ReconciliationONGOING TRAINING NEW PERSONNELA. Resource for all staff.B. Able to perform other duties.C. Works with patient access management in developing computer based learning programs.D. Works with patient access management in developing classroom training programs.E. Performs one-on-one training when needed.F. Maintains knowledge and proficiency in all patient access policies and procedures as well as operations.OTHER DUTIESA. Attends ins-services, mandatory education and monthly department meetingsB. Performs other duties as assigned by supervision.C. Performs duties in a safe manner and follows North Oaks Health System’s safety polices and procedures.D. Follows North Oaks Health System’s Compliance Programs and Federal and State Regulatory guidelines.