North Oaks Health System   Hammond, LA   Full-time     Health Care Provider
Posted on May 17, 2024
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Status:  PRN - As Needed

Shift:     Days as needed, rotates call

Exempt: No 


Performs nursing duties associated with the operation of Interventional Radiology. Reports to the Interventional Radiology Supervisor. Takes part in pre-screening patients, intra-procedure nursing duties, and post-procedure follow-ups. Maintains sterile field, administers conscious sedation and other drugs under the direction of a physician, assists other radiology departments with patient needs/assessments, ensures patient schedule is maximized for efficiency, participates in 24/7 call coverage.


Other information:


  • Positioning and turning of patients. Lifting of patients utilizing proper body mechanics.
  • Long periods of standing with lead apron
  • Ability to respond to and withstand frequent crisis situations.
  • Works the assigned schedule including call as required.
  • Utilizes a personal computer to access e-mail and other hospital systems.


  • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing, and be currently licensed to practice nursing as a Registered Nurse in Louisiana.
  • Must be ACLS certified
  • Must be able to recognize cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Minimum 2 years of nursing experience in a hospital setting preferred
  • Exhibits critical thinking skills
  • IV skills
  • Knowledge of monitors (EKG, B/P, Pulse Ox)


Strength: Medium

Push: Frequently

Pull: Frequently

Carry: Frequently

Lift: Frequently

Sit: Occasionally

Stand: Constantly

Walk: Constantly



A. Expectations:

  1. Customer Satisfaction/Respect for the Individual. Ability to identify those who receive services and/or products within the work environment, including patients, families, visitors, other departments, and all others. Ability to anticipate and meet the needs and expectations of customers. Promotes the customer service standards of the 4Cs.

  1. Communication. Can professionally speak and listen to information. Can express self clearly and when required. Ability to identify and use appropriate information routes. May include written and oral expression.

  1. Cooperation. Ability to get along with others in a courteous professional manner.

  1. Teamwork. Ability to work effectively with others to solve problems, implements group decisions and achieves group/organization goals.

  1. Functions productively, responsibly and exhibits adaptability with the team. Positively demonstrates VALUES of North Oaks Health System. Plans and prioritizes work while maintaining positive performance.

  1. Personal responsibility/Integrity/ Financial Responsibility: Each person is responsible for his or her actions, and individually accountable for satisfied patients/customers, confidentiality or patient and hospital information, quality outcomes, efficient operations, and the overall success of North Oaks Health System.

  1. Follows North Oaks Health System’s Compliance Program and Federal and State Regulatory guidelines.

  1. Is able to demonstrate competency in age specific criteria as applicable to job scope.

  1. Performs all duties in a safe manner and follows North Oaks Health System's safety policies and procedures.

B. Modality Specific Duties:

1. Prescreen interventional patients for medical history, home medications, pre-procedure bloodwork, related studies, and review with Radiologist prior to study. Performs follow-up on interventional patients.

2. Monitor patients undergoing interventional procedure, document patient response to medication and procedure using electronic medical record workflow.

3. Assists physician/PA/RPA in Interventional Procedures while maintaining sterile technique.

4. Reviews physician orders, checking for special instructions from requesting physician, and consults with the radiologist as necessary. Pleasantly greets patients, confirming their identification and introducing self. Completely explains examination procedure to the patient and their family if present.

5. Prepares and manages medications and solutions at the procedural field. Disposes of hazardous items per established protocols.

6. Performs visual preventive safety inspections on all related equipment. Identifies problems and communicates to immediate supervisor.

7. Maintains necessary inventory of supplies for assigned room, rotating stock in an orderly fashion, and eliminating outdated items.

8. Assists in the movement of patients as necessary.

9. Recognizes emergency situations, initiates code procedures and administers first aid or CPR as needed.

10. Checks & maintains crash cart.

11. Perform any other duties as directed by the supervisor ,manager ,or director.


1. Trains new and current employees, students, and/or volunteers by discussion and demonstration.

2. Has completed all mandatory classes in the past calendar year. Has completed all in-services relating to their position. Participates in continuing education activities.

3. Participates in projects and assists in the development and implementation of procedures and policies.

4. Confidentiality: Maintains confidentiality of patient, employee and hospital information. Financial Responsibility: Each person is individually accountable for his/her part in the overall financial well-being of North Oaks Medical Center.

5. Accountability:

a. Attendance

b. Punctuality

c. Complies with wearing of Hospital Identification badge as instructed.

d. Appropriate use of breaks and mealtimes

e. Attends staff meetings

f. Organizational and Departmental Regulator Compliance (OSHA, JCAHO, HCFA, OIG, etc.)

g. Policies and Procedures

h. Competencies

i. Work area Cleanliness

j. Hospital and Department Dress Code

k. Maintains Licensure

l. Complies with infection control