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Posted on June 21, 2024
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Status: PRN - As Needed

Shift: varies

Exempt: No 


The Echocardiography Technician performs a variety of complex technical, cardiology tests and prepares in-depth preliminary test interpretations, as ordered by physicians established standard operating procedures. Also serve as a role model for the Heart Health Center by integrating the role components of clinician, teacher and consultant with patients and staff.


Other information:

Experience, Knowledge and Skill

1.Previous Experience Required:

Preferred two years clinical experience.

2.Specialized or Technical Education Required:

Must be registered in specialty by ARDMS as an RDCS (Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer), RCS (Registered Cardiac Sonographer through CCI) or RCVT (Registered Cardiovascular Tech) or at least eligible to sit for registry (CCS).

Must maintain BLS.

3.Manual or Physical Skill Required:

Proper body mechanics.

Possess good physical health

Ability to stand for long periods of time

4.Physical Effort Required/Physical Demands:

Strength: Medium
Push: Frequently
Pull: Occasionally
Carry: Occasionally
Lift: Frequently
Sit: Occasionally
Stand: Constantly
Walk: Constantly


Follows North Oaks Health System’s compliance programs and all federal and state regulatory guidelines.

1.Perform a variety of complex technical invasive and non-invasive cardiology tests (including TEE, assisting in Cath Lab/ OR procedures with TTE and TEE testing, EKG's, holter monitor hook-ups, holter scans, stress preps, stress testing, Echo with Color flow Doppler testing, Echo stress testing, Event recorder monitors,) as ordered by the physician and provide detailed preliminary test interpretations for physicians.

2.Prepare patient for prescribed test by obtaining and recording medical history and explaining the test procedures to ease apprehension.

3.Alert supervisor or physician regarding any irregular or critical heart activity or other abnormalities.

4.Maintain, calibrate, and perform quality control on equipment according to established criteria, reporting serious malfunctions to supervisor.

5.Provide training and support to Echo Techs, and Cardiology Techs.

6.Attend continuing education programs to maintain credentials.

7.Maintain Basic Cardiac Life Support /skills as necessary to assist with codes in the hospital.

8.Perform duties without direct supervision, on a regular basis.

9.Perform routine clerical and other related duties, as required.

10.Keep work area clean (make beds, dispose of linen and trash, etc.)

11.Places interim reports on patient’s medical record in a timely manner.

12.Store supplies and stock supplies in work areas.

13.Assist other Cardiology and Echo Technicians when necessary.

14.Works closely with Medical staff to insure procedure quality.


15.Accepts call.

16.Checks daily crash cart in department.

17.Assist clerical staff as needed, assuring that reports are completed in a timely manner.

18.Maintains a professional, responsible and cooperative attitude.

19.Maintains logbooks, charge records, schedules and supplies as necessary for the daily operations of the department.


20.Follows North Oaks Health System’s Compliance Program and Federal and State Regulatory guidelines.

21.Keeps equipment clean and in proper working order to safely take care of patients.


1.Demonstrates proficiency in the following cardiology skills and procedures:


1.Demonstrates strong knowledge and technical skill in obtaining ultrasound images in standard views.

2.Monitors patient during exam for assessment of pain and symptoms compatible with exam diagnosis

3.Documents testing results for physician signature and review

4.Maintains logbook and discs of patient testing.

5.Alerts physician of life-threatening dysthythmias or cardiac complications


1.Demonstrates strong knowledge and technical skill in obtaining ultrasound images in transesophageal views.

2.Monitors patient during exam for assessment of pain and symptoms compatible with exam diagnosis.

3.Assists physician in obtaining appropriate views of the heart for required measurements to be made.

4.Documents testing results for physician signature and review


1.Demonstrates strong knowledge and technical skill in disinfection process utilizing TD-100.

2.Understands precautions to be followed in using chemicals involved with disinfection process.

3.Maintains appropriate log book for TEE probe disinfection as per regulatoryguidelines.


1.Verify physician order

2. Explain test, its purpose, proper electrode placement, proper entry of patient information, and obtaining EKG.

3.Complete documentation and proper placement of EKG

MUSE (Marquette Universal Storage of EKG)

1. Demonstrate proper protocol, including matching order with EKG, retrieving EKG, and sending edited EKG to physician inbaskets.

Holter hook-up and scan:

1.Verify physician order, identify patient with 2 identifiers.

2.Provide education

3.Demonstrate monitor hook-up, explain diary

4.Complete all documentation and signatures

5.Demonstrate downloading procedure for Holter monitor.

6.Demonstrate scan scanning ability and proper editing in MUSE.

Event Recorder Hook-up:

1.Verify physician order, identify patient with 2 identifiers

2.Explain procedure, its purpose and evaluate for contraindications per policy

3.Verify test strip and call to Telerhythmics

4.Complete enrollment process and fax to Telerhythmics

5.Complete documentation and signatures

6.Knowledge of Deactivation process

Stress test: Treadmill and Pharmacological

1.Provides appropriate consent for initiation of treatment upon receipt of physician order.

2.Identifies patient, completes all necessary electornic documentation, verifies lab results, obtain history, obtains baseline vital signs, assess cardiac status.

3.Verify predicted heart rate, assess patients exercise ability, obtain resting heart rate and

Blood pressure, verify proper placement of electrodes and blood pressure cuff, monitor

EKG during test, dysrhythmias, adverse reactions, monitor IV.

4.Assess patient to chair for cool down, monitor vital signs, assess, pain, complete

Documentation and signatures, and provide patient fluids.

Stress echo:treadmill and pharmacological

1.Provides appropriate consent for initiation of treatment upon receipt of physician order

2.Identifies patient, completes all necessary forms, verifies lab results, obtains history, obtains baseline vital signs, obtains resting and after-exercise ultrasound pictures, and assess cardiac status.

3.Verifies predicted heart rate, assess patient’s exercise ability, obtain resting heart rate and blood pressure, verify proper placement of electrodes and blood pressure cuff, monitor EKG during test, dysrhythmias, adverse reactions.

4.Assist patient to table/bed for cool down, monitor vital signs, assess pain, complete documentation and signatures, and provide patient fluids.

Philip Xcelera workstation:

1.Demonstrate ability to log in and obtain patient study.

2.Demonstrate ability to edit patient study (including merging and writing preliminary report).

3.Demonstrate ability to send study to physician inbasket as preliminary status.

4.Demonstrate ability to log out

2.Demonstrates adequate understanding of data obtained in order to identify improper lead placement, artifact, interference or life-threatening arrhythmias.

3.Notifies appropriate physician and nurse of potential life-threatening arrhythmias seen during holter scanning.

4.Prioritizes work accordingly and demonstrates effectively and demonstrates a systemic approach to the organization.

a.“STAT” - immediately

b.“TODAY” - as soon as possible

c.“ROUTINE”- within 2 hours after notification of order

6.Begins work promptly and efficiently organizes workload.

7.Demonstrates knowledge of Pharmacological Stress Testing.

8.Maintains professional and cooperative attitude at all times.

9.Performs preventive maintenance and routine upkeep of all cardiology equipment and notifies Manager of any malfunctioning equipment.

10.Demonstrates strong technical knowledge and has knowledge necessary to meet the objectives of the department.

11.Assists in the maintenance of a neat and safe department and hospital including cleaning and disinfecting all equipment.

12.Demonstrates understanding of isolation procedures/precautions.

13.Participates in Performance Improvement.

14.Attends mandatory hospital and departmental meetings.

15.Accepts special projects and/or responsibilities defined by Manager or Director.

16.Demonstrates Age Appropriate Care.

17.Perform any other necessary tasks as directed by the Manager, Director or Medical Director.

18.Function with cost containment in mind and compliance with hospital policies and procedures.

19.Adhere to hospital safety and Infection Control Policies and Procedures.

20.Safeguard and preserve confidentiality of patient information.


1.Instruct patient in use of equipment and precautions for each specific condition with regard to

Patient’s psychosocial background.

2.Evaluate patient for contraindications/indications for use and monitor patient while in use for

Adverse reactions.

3.Operates within manufacturer and department safety guidelines.

4.Monitors equipment for function and reports nonfunctional equipment to appropriate source.

5.Provide care and maintenance of department equipment and supplies.

6.Assess patient status following equipment usage or accurately reads and records results.

7.Knowledge of and understanding of operation of all equipment utilized.


1.Trains new and current employees, and students by discussion and demonstration.

2.Maintains confidentiality of patient, employee and hospital information.

3.Completes all mandatory classes in the past calendar year. Has completed all inservices related

To their position. Participates in continuing education classes.

4.Assists in maintenance of policies and procedures applicable to the Cardiology department.